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SB West PhD

Hi, I’m Esbi.


Gender Studies


"Latin American" Literatures and Cultures


Abolition and Autonomy

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Northwestern University

Associate Professor of Instruction, Gender and Sexuality Studies

I am thrilled to join GSS faculty at Northwestern's Evanston campus. I offer courses on Gender, Indigenous Literature and Social Movements, and hemispheric approaches to Latin American Literature.

White Background

My intellectual work is focused on breaking away from traditional approaches to the study and engagement of the “Latin American” literary and cultural canon. To that end, I am interested in expanding the geopolitical space known as "Latin America" to reflect the already unbounded nature, or the increasingly global orientation of society, culture, and politics. My work is organized around theoretical frameworks—specifically, those with roots in abolitionist, decolonial and trans feminisms—that question and challenge the colonial, cisheteronormative underpinnings of gender, class and race relations.

PhD I University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2017, Spanish

Certificate in

Critical and Interpretative Theory

BA & MA I Ohio University

2007, Spanish


My classes focus on breaking away from the traditional literary canon to attend to commonly marginalized texts in meaningful ways. My courses are organized around decolonial, liberatory frameworks that question the cisheteronormative, colonial/modern underpinnings of gender, class and race relations.

Nature Tokens
Nature Tokens

My current project, Caste War Textualities: Race, Gender, Land & Maya, is a rereading of Yucatán’s nineteenth-century textual register that critiques the very existence of the so-called Caste War conflict. My reading is contextualized by contemporary Maaya T'aan [Yucatec Maya] narratives, including essays, Museums, and podcasts.

Dry Sticks
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